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Introducing protistology in a fun way to children!

Paramecium Press has two books and a video game for young children ready to explore the world of microorganisms.

Aggi and the Mystic Boots - Aggi is too young to join the Dinosaur Explorers Club and the competition for the Jurassic Cup to find the smallest living thing. She stomps off and comes across a Stegosaurus who gives her some Mystic Boots which take her on an underwater adventure.

Blake's Small Adventure - Living in a pool on the marshes, Blake is lonely and dreams of finding friends to play with. Join Blake as the high tide sweeps him away on a hair-raising adventure. Will Blake ever find friends his own size?

Aggi's Tiny friends - Discover a world often unseen that exists in every lake, stream, ocean and even the smallest puddles!

The books can be purchased on Bookbugs and Dragon Tales and now via NHBS. They are also available on Amazon, but postage is paid per book when buying more than one copy.

International shipping will soon be available too.

Alternatively, simply order your book via your local bookshop or contact Paramecium Press directly 🙂

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