Protistology UK's second joint annual meeting with the Microbiology Society (MS)  - Monday 30th of March to Friday 3rd of April 2020 at the Edinburgh International Convention Centre (EICC), in Edinburgh (Scotland, UK). - CANCELLED

P-UK and the Eukaryotic Division of the MS are organising the full day symposium Exploring the eukaryotic tree of life on Thursday the 2nd of April afternoon and Friday the 3rd of April morning. 

In the scope of the new UK initiative “Darwin Tree of Life Project”, which is part of the “Earth BioGenome Project”, this session will explore protist and fungi diversity, discuss which branches of the eukaryotic tree of life have been over- or underestimated based on recent metagenomics data, and which regions have been undersampled to explore and discover potentially new branches of the eukaryotic tree.

Protistology UK’s Autumn meeting in collaboration with and supported by the Microbiology Society and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

At this 2 half-day event we will:

  • Discuss leading-edge research on the evolution, ecology and biology of symbioses that include microbes

  • Identify novel perspectives on symbiosis by fostering dialogue between symbioses researchers and scientists/engineers who have not worked on the topic but have novel disciplinary and methodological perspectives to bring to the topic

  • Consider major unanswered questions of microbial symbiosis research, and formulate strategies to address these questions

Invited speakers including:

Sinead Collins: University of Edinburgh

Jörg Wiedenmann: University of South Hampton

Katherine Helliwell: Marine Biology Association

Michael Brockhurst: University of Sheffield

Have a look at the Abstracts' Booklet and Meeting Outcomes!

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