Protistology UK’s Autumn meeting in collaboration with and supported by the Microbiology Society and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

At this 2 half-day event we will:

  • Discuss leading-edge research on the evolution, ecology and biology of symbioses that include microbes

  • Identify novel perspectives on symbiosis by fostering dialogue between symbioses researchers and scientists/engineers who have not worked on the topic but have novel disciplinary and methodological perspectives to bring to the topic

  • Consider major unanswered questions of microbial symbiosis research, and formulate strategies to address these questions

Invited speakers including:

Sinead Collins: University of Edinburgh

Jörg Wiedenmann: University of South Hampton

Katherine Helliwell: Marine Biology Association

Michael Brockhurst: University of Sheffield

Have a look at the Abstracts' Booklet and Meeting Outcomes!

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