P-UK Winter meeting 2021: Protist parasites of freshwater microalgae


This year, P-UK has teamed up with the British Phycological Society (BPS) in the delivery of a special session on ‘Protist parasites of freshwater microalgae’. The session will run within the BPS’s annual conference (on-line this year), specifically, Friday January 8th 2021

P-UK members can register free of charge for the whole conference (4th-8th January 2021).


Parasites are significant components of aquatic ecosystems and play a role in shaping food web structure, facilitating energy transfer, and controlling disease. In freshwater environments, zoosporic fungi (Chytridomycota) and fungi-like organisms (including oomycetes, labyrinthulids, thraustochytrids and phagomyxids) are well known parasites of microalgae. However, far less is known about the other eukaryotic parasites such as filose amoebae (e.g. Vamparellids, Phytomyxids) and alveolates (e.g. Sindinids). This session addresses current knowledge on these protist parasites and stresses the importance of understanding their abundance, evolution and biodiversity in order to fully appreciate their role in microalgal population dynamics in freshwater systems.


Invited speakers include Claire Gachon, Sigrid Neuhauser, Aurelie Chambouvet and Sebastian Hess. Offered talks are also welcomed and abstracts should be submitted to the BPS (see link below) clearly stating the talk relates to the P-UK session.


Further details on all the sessions, together with registration and abstract submission, can be found at:


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Protistology UK’s Autumn meeting in collaboration with and supported by the Microbiology Society and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

At this 2 half-day event we will:

  • Discuss leading-edge research on the evolution, ecology and biology of symbioses that include microbes

  • Identify novel perspectives on symbiosis by fostering dialogue between symbioses researchers and scientists/engineers who have not worked on the topic but have novel disciplinary and methodological perspectives to bring to the topic

  • Consider major unanswered questions of microbial symbiosis research, and formulate strategies to address these questions

Invited speakers including:

Sinead Collins: University of Edinburgh

Jörg Wiedenmann: University of South Hampton

Katherine Helliwell: Marine Biology Association

Michael Brockhurst: University of Sheffield

Have a look at the Abstracts' Booklet and Meeting Outcomes!