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Dr Sonja Rueckert  


Associate Professor
School of Applied Sciences
Edinburgh Napier University
Sighthill Campus, Sighthill Court
Edinburgh, EH11 4BN


I am a Marine Biologist/Parasitologist working at Edinburgh Napier University since 2012. I'm broadly interested in parasites and in particular in parasites of marine organisms including a whole range of invertebrates and fishes. My research approach involves traditional morphological and modern molecular techniques to understand the biodiversity, ecology and evolutionary history of parasitic organisms. Since I was a postdoc, a large part of my research focuses on the morphology and molecular phylogeny of gregarine apicomplexans and other protozoan parasites in marine invertebrates. At the moment I am starting to look into the utilization of gregarines as model organisms and also the role and impact of micro-eukaryotes in food webs.

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