The 2022 Autumn meeting of the Protistology-UK will take place between Dec 1st – 2nd at the Natural History Museum in London.

This is going to be a hybrid meeting. 


The overall conference theme is under the umbrella of recognising the value of core methodologies, which would allow us to compare methods such as culturing, microscopy, silver staining, etc. and indicate how these “core methods” need to be retained and married with newer methods.


Day 1: This first session will be dedicated to the retirement of John Dolan and will fit into the general theme, as an introduction to John’s work which has relied on traditional “core” methods, but has also embraced more modern methods, with a full recognition of the need to marry them with the core methods. In this way the first day will provide a useful introduction to the meeting’s theme, while also honouring a member of the society who has acted in both administrative and intellectual roles.

Invited speakers: David Montagnes, Wayne Coats, Richard Snyder, and Ginny Edgcomb


Day 2: The second session will be dedicated to offered talks that are marrying old and new methods in the field of protistology. Theme oriented talks will be 15 mins (with 5 mins time for questions) or 3 mins lighting talks (with 2 mins for questions). Early career researchers (postgraduate students and postdocs) will be given priority to give a talk during the abstracts’ selection procedure.  


Please let us know if you will or are planning to attend either in person or virtually by pre-registering your attendance below.




The organisations committee:

David Montagnes, Alan Warren, Fiona Henriquez, Joel Dacks and Anastasios Tsaousis

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